2logical “Why Do Good People Fail” 2013

September 2013

Promoting Initiative in the Workplace

2logical is a company specializes in training: sales training, management training, everything to make a business run smoother by focusing on it’s most important asset: its people.

I’ve been working with 2logical on their web site since 2006, so they asked me if I knew anyone who could create a video promotion for them and I sent them to my best man: me!

I was given only a page of text which I turned into storyboards, adding rhythm and flow. When that was approved, I created the video in Flash as 720p HD and then converted in Adobe Premiere to MP4 for the web. A narration track created the finishing touch on the video which has received numerous compliments.

Features included:
  • Complete visual design and animation
  • Flash and Web video


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