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May 2013

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Helping Students Learn from Home

In early 2013, the Rochester City School District, acting on an initiative from Albany, wanted to create a framework for displaying educational course materials on the web. I had been contracting with them as an educational courseware developer for three years prior, so they asked me to design it for them.

I created a system where a teacher would enter information about the multimedia content for a course in a spreadsheet. Then, the spreadsheet was converted to JSON objects. This data is read by an MVC (Model View Controller) one page web application, and is displayed like a multipage web site for the course using the “Backbone.js” and “Underscore.js” JavaScript frameworks.

This system, named “CourseApp” was an improvement over their original plan of creating individual HTML pages for every lesson by easily allowing changes to the material with minimal effort. The pages displayed are optimized for desktop browsers and tablets. I also wrote an extensive manual on how to use, modify and maintain the system.

Features included:
  • Easily modified CSS stylesheets for different looks
  • All content is editable via XML
  • Each end page has a unique web address
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