Spectracom Configurator 2011

May 2011

Spectracom Configurator 2011 Start Page
Spectracom Configurator 2011 Moving Feature to Configuration
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Spectracom Configurator 2011 Product Display

Keeping First Responders in Sync

Spectracom creates integrated time synchronization systems for governments, military, law enforcement and anyone who needs to make sure that all of their clocks show the same time. Because their systems are so customizable, they wanted a way for their clients to configure and order their own devices. The end deliverable was an email containing the new configuration to a sales associate for quoting.

I created a system that read an XML file with all of the part data and displayed all of the options. The end user would see two stacks at the start of the app: the left stack showed the basic configuration and the right stack would show the options available. Some options couldn’t exist with others, some could only be used once and some could be placed in the unit multiple times. All of this information was contained in the XML so it could be changed for different models as they were invented.

The system had to work exactly the same in all desktop browsers so I used Flash to create it. At any point in the configuration, the user could display what their finished device (with their chosen options) would look like.

Features included:
  • Data stored in XML for easy maintenance
  • Display of finished product
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