Vortek Documentation 2005

June 2005

Design and Writing Services

After I designed the user interface for the Vortek Automated Rigging Controller (VAC), Hoffend and Sons asked me if I would write and layout an operations manual for the system. This was no small task as the manual ran to 114 pages. While being comprehensive in its explanation of the safety features and theory of operation, it was a little unwieldly to hand to new users.

A month later, Hoffend asked me to create a “quick start” manual that would be a simpler walkthrough of the system. The manual was designed with fan fold pages, meaning that the pages got progressively longer as you read through it. This enabled users to be able to open to the section they needed quickly without having to thumb through a contents section. This was an important point when the majority of users were going to be using the guide in almost total darkness.


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