Vortek “USITT Presentation” 2008

March 2008

Vortek USITT 2008 Pres. Home Screen
Vortek USITT 2008 Pres. Hoist Screen
Vortek USITT 2008 Pres. Controls Screen
Vortek USITT 2008 Pres. System Screen

Presentation for Web or Trade Show

While I was working for Vortek, having designed the user interface for their flagship product, one of their marketing people approached me to create an animated presentation for an upcoming tradeshow. The resulting piece had to be interactive (i.e. menu driven) if it was displayed in a browser and had to run through all of its animations automatically if used as a presentation. I had already created something similar for Nagle Nunc International presentation a few years earlier and this was a similar piece.

Features included:
  • Complete visual design and animation
  • Flash interactive version
  • Presentation mode
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