Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can seem like voodoo to a small business owner. Let me explain what it really is and how to increase your rankings

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really comes down to figuring out what terms people are using to search for products like the one’s you’re selling, and then using those terms in your content and code to facilitate them finding your site.

There are two types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Organic and PPC.

  • Organic SEO is a process of constructing the content of a site so that it uses the most common keywords in places where the search engine can read them and note their use.
  • PPC SEO is a process of buying advertising on a regular basis based on how much the client is willing to Pay Per Click of advertising. This is usually administered by a company on behalf of the client.

In today’s marketing world, there are many companies that try to push a PPC solution, with monthly management costs, on to a client who really doesn’t need it. Unless your web site is in stiff competition for rankings and your sales are based almost exclusively on search results page rankings, PPC is overkill.

If you’ve never addressed SEO, then an Organic SEO tune-up is a better place to start than hiring a PPC agency. For a one-time price you will receive:

Organic SEO Tune-up

  • Keyword research: (up to 10 keywords): We analyze your business and which keywords make the most sense to use in your site’s content.
  • Competitor Analysis: We analyze five competing companies’ SEO keywords to see how they compare and to increase your competitive edge. Note: This list of competitor’s is supplied by the client.
  • Optimization of Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Image Alt Tags: SEO terms can live in many hidden places on a site. We use our extensive web development knowledge to place them where they work best.
  • Implementation of H1/H2: Headings are important to determining content and optimizing your headings will increase your page rank.
  • Bold tags in Content: Bolding keywords gives a greater page rank.
  • XML Sitemap Creation, Submission and Authentication on Google, Yahoo and MSN: XML sitemaps are files that tell search engines what pages exist on the site. Not having one can mean that not all pages are indexed. If the client is missing an XML Sitemap, one will be created, if one exists it will be optimized (if needed).
  • Robots.txt Optimization: This is another file that helps search engines index your content.
  • Google Analytics Setup: If needed, Google Analytics will be set up on the site.

Custom Writing Services

The BEST organic SEO results are going to be had by re-writing the site’s text to utilize the keywords. Because there is no way to standardize a price for this, we only offer writing services by quoting for an individual site. This obviously is not covered in the “Organic SEO Tune-up” package price.


So a natural search of “divorce lawyer” or “child custody lawyer” used to result in seeing my webpage on page 20 or 30 of google… Our work with has got it up to page 5 on “divorce lawyer” and page 4 on “child custody lawyer!” Much improved and gets me closer to being in the game on a natural search!Christopher C. HappHapp Law Group, P.C.